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Veggie and Egg Breakfast Wrap

  • tortilla/flatbread

  • egg

  • egg whites

  • zucchini (sliced) 

  • medium tomato (sliced) 

  • light shredded cheese

  • avocado

  1. Spray pan with cooking spray, add sliced zucchini and tomato. You can put any seasonings you like as long as they're calorie free.

  2. Spray another pan with cooking spray. Fry egg and egg whites on a pan

  3. Spread avocado and light cheese on to tortilla

  4. Once veggies and eggs are cooked, add them into tortilla. Anything extra that won't fit in, just leave on the side. If you're pre cooking this to eat on the go, this would be your last step.

  5. The next optional step is it put the wrap or flatbread on to a pan on medium heat, let cheese melt, flip in order to toast both sides. You can let it toast for however long you like so it reaches your preferred amount of crispiness.

  6. Let cool for a few minutes and enjoy! This meal can get super messy so sometimes it's easiest to just eat it with a fork and knife.

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